Quiet Room and Library

The JBP ‘Quiet Room’ is located at the end of the Lamm Library, in Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield South. It is furnished with a comfy couch, tub chairs, modern computer, over 100 books, and a variety of relaxing CD’s.

There are tea and coffee making facilities , soft drinks and biscuits. All of this is free for our members, and out-of-bounds for others. Our members can go there any time when the main library is open, to sit and relax, have a drink, listen to gentle music, browse the books, or enjoy the sunshine outdoors in our gazebo.

Members are welcome to borrow any book/s. Just write down its details in the Log Book so we know where things are. When you leave the main library, show the spine of the book (with our JBP sticker) to the Lamm librarian so they know its one of ours.

The JBP Lending Library has about 100 good books. Our main focus has been to find books which deal with the death of a child. Most of these are not available in any general library. Here are some examples.

Specifically for a Bereaved Parent:
I Wasn’t Ready To Say Goodbye by Brook Noel & Pamela Blair
The Bereaved Parent by Harriet Sarnoff Schiff
Living After Losing A Child by Ellen Mitchell
Life after the death of my son by Dennis Apple
The Grieving Garden – living with the death of a child, by Redfern & Gilbert
The Worst Loss – How Families Heal from the Death of a Child, by B Rosof
After the Death of a Child by A Finkbeiner
Beyong Endurance – When a Child Dies, by Ronald J Knapp
A Child Dies – A Portrait of Family Grief, by J Arnold & P Gemma
When a Child Dies – Footsteps of a Grieving Family, by Jim O’Shea
Lament for a Son – by Nicholas Wolterstorff
Learning to Live, Laugh and Love Again – After the Death of an Adult Child, by Jan Jaworski
Recovering from the Loss of a Child by K F Donnelly
Surviving the Death of a Child – J Munday

We also have books on dealing with grief:
A – Z Reflections on Loss and Grief by Linda Espie
Good Grieg by Zita Annette Weber
The Grief Club by Melody Beattie

No time To Say Goodbye by Carla Fine
Recovering from your Child’s Suicide by Mort Schrag

Re-incarnation and Past Life Regression:
Destiny of souls by Michael Newton
Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss
One Soul Many Lives by Roy Stemman

We have a variety of books with a Jewish approach:
When a Jewish Child Dies by Mort Shrag
Does the Soul Survive by Rabbi Elie Kaplan Spitz
Jewish Views of the Afterlife by Simcha Paull Raphael
The Kaddish Minyan by Herbert Yoskowitz

We have a number of books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, including:
Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul
Chicken Soup for the Bereaved soul
Chicken for the Grieving Soul
Chicken Soup to warm the Neshama

And a variety of other books:
Surviving the Death of a Sibling by T J Wray
Tear soup by Schwiebert
Missing Mummy by Rebecca Cobb
Grandma’s Tears by June Kolf

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