What We Do

We get together at least once a month, and encourage members to stay in touch with other members, and to be supportive when a fellow member is feeling particularly low, at times of Yartzeit, Yom Tov or birthdays.

Every month we have either a Peer Support Session or a Social Event.

We have a grief counsellor/facilitator at our Peer Support meetings, who is always available for support. Every other month we try to provide happy, light-hearted activities where people can put their grief aside and relax and enjoy themselves with understanding peers.

We are open to men and women of all ages.

We are grateful to the Lamm Jewish Library of Australia, where we have established a library in our own cosy, and comfortable 'Quiet Room' with books specific to bereaved parents. The room is also available for our members just to go somewhere and 'chill out' when needed.

By giving our members these avenues for change, we are seeing them becoming helpers to others, and this is a valuable result for all concerned.

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